Dongying On-tech Equipment Co., Ltd

We supply One-Stop service for international trade to our customers. Machining / Customization / Equipment / Procurement / Trading.

· We have 10+ years professional experience in CNC machining, focus on custom aluminum CNC service. We supply of aerospace, automotive, enclosures and other accessories long-term.

· We supply DRILLING equipment and tools for oilfield and geological drilling.

· We supply procurement services for customers, products inculding: Mud pump parts, BOP parts, Handling tools, Downhole tools, Wellhead equipment, Flow Control equipment, Drilling Hoses, Drill bits, Mud motors, Solid control Equipment (sand pump, shale shaker and screens and spare parts), valves with API or ANSI, drill pipe, sucker rod, sinker rod, Spray welding polished rod, Plug valves, Gate valves, Choke valves, Mud valves, stabilizers, casing scrapers, float valves, flanges, spacer spool, flange riser, Hammer union, Swivel joints, Integral straight pipe, loops, Mud pump ceramic liners, Mud pump valve body, valve seat, valve inserts, etc.
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